We are still figuring out what our voice is and how best to share it. What is clear, however, is that Republicans are yearning to hear our voice, right here in our own community. Republicans are an independent lot. So, we are not likely to agree on all issues all the time. Nonetheless, there is a body of values that we all agree on. At the center are the principles embodied in our Constitution that outlines a "government of the people, by the people and for the people", and recognizes the rights of the individual to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

We therefore, humbly, offer these pages in an attempt to highlight that voice and our positions on current issues.

EVERY DEMOCRAT Legislator from Essex
VOTED for a CARBON TAX on home heating fuels?

That’s right! Every Democrat Rep and Senator voted for a “Clean Heat Standard” Carbon Tax (H.715) on oil, propane, natural gas, and kerosene to purposefully drive up the cost so you can’t afford to use fossil fuels. Then they voted again to override Gov. Scott’s veto of this horrible tax on heating our homes. Next on their agenda is a tax on gasoline and diesel.

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Who do our schools serve?
How do parents regain control over their children's education?

Liz Cady won her seat on the school board by expressing concerns about the Black Lives Matter initiative and flags on our school grounds. Liz has been rocking the boat ever since and has suffered the ire of the school establishment as a result.

The concern that our schools have been indoctrinating our children has been festering for decades. It has been brought to a head by this COVID response with parents getting a much closer look at what their children are getting (or NOT getting) from school. We have a crop of new candidates for the school board who are all concerned with making sure parents voices are heard in our schools.

Again, it is time for our community to awaken and pay closer attention to what is happening in our schools. And to elect school board members who will actually represent the commmunity--not the school establishment.

Should Essex be ONE or TWO?

What does the failed merger vote mean? Should the Village of Essex Junction be allowed to separate without any say from citizens of the Town outside the Village. This charter change has already been presented to the Legislature!

Perhaps, it is not the people of the Village and the Town who can not get along. Perhaps it is simply time for new and better leadership.

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The VT Legislature is considering the expansion of the sales tax to food, clothing, and services!

Help us oppose this expansion of of the sales tax!

The Vermont Tax Structure Commission recommended to the legislature that it should expand Vermont’s sales and use tax to cover all goods and services except healthcare, and to lower the overall rate to 3.6%. The move is meant to be revenue neutral, but it isn't. And it is bad for Vermont business. And that is bad for jobs. Find out more on the Chittenden County web site.

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A New Employment-Centered Child Care Proposal for Area Businesses and Their Employees...

The Chittenden County GOP Economics Committee has come up with a proposal to help area businesses and their employees. Help us to spread the word to businesses here in Essex.

Download a PDF version of this tri-fold flyer to give to area businesses you patronize.

County Organization

The 2024 Plan is a proposed organization across Chittenden County. It focuses on issues effecting our culture. The Essex Republicans encourage all to find the issue you are most passionate about and get involved in one of these committees.

Vermont GOP Passes Resolution on Racism

South Burlington, VT - On Saturday (September 19th) the Vermont Republican Party, adopted a resolution addressing racism and highlighting the party’s long history of opposition to acts of racism.

Food For Thought:

We hope the following questions challenge some common assumptions among Essex voters. Where possible, we've linked to articles that may provide at least part of the answers.