Essex Republicans

Thanks for stopping in.  This website is intended to be a resource for our Town Committee and interested citizens in town of Essex, Vermont.

This is the home of the Essex, Vermont
Republican Town Committee

The mission of the Essex Republicans is to substantially increase the number of Republican voters, to maximize the number of Republicans elected to public office in Essex, to strengthen Essex's influence within both the State and National Republican parties, to support the State Republican Platform, and to restore liberty, and the freedom of thought and purpose to the good citizens of Essex.

A Mission worth Mentioning

Kudos to our own Rick and Molly Jesse for this very cool mission to bring safe drinking water to impoverished areas of the world.  Vt Daily Chronicle article.

Make Water Safe for the World:

Dr. Douglas Frank, Phd.

Election Integrity
Dr. Frank came to Vermont on January 14th to show us how our election have been hijacked.  Contact us for more details and plans.

We're starting a new messaging campaign and you can help!   Read more...

In short, send your message to...

Getting our message out has not been easy in a climate where we get little or no help from our media.  There's a good chance that you and your neighbors are not getting the whole story.  This is what we are doing about it.  It's also a great way that you can help!

A major strategy for the Essex Republicans is to grow our email list.  This is the way we will stay connected.  Our emails will focus on ideas and efforts to pursue our mission.