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Essex Republicans: Upholding the Principles of Liberty

Essex Republicans: Upholding the Principles of Liberty

We are the official Republican Party town committee for Essex, Vermont.

The mission of the Essex Republicans is to substantially increase the number of Republican voters, to maximize the number of Republicans elected to public office in Essex, to strengthen Essex's influence within both the State and National Republican parties, to support the State Republican Platform, and to restore liberty, and the freedom of thought and purpose to the good citizens of Essex. 

We pursue this mission with an attitude of humility and in service to God, country, and family.

Founded by a dedicated group of local citizens, the Essex Town Republicans embody the spirit of community, responsibility, and liberty. We believe in the power of local governance, the importance of individual freedoms, and the necessity of economic prudence. We stand for a vibrant and prosperous Essex where every citizen has the opportunity to succeed.

Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for every citizen in our town, we're working tirelessly to foster an environment of growth, opportunity, and freedom.

Discover more about our mission, our values, and how you can join the cause.

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In 2020, there were serious limitation on meetings because of COVID-19.  The Platform Committee passed a resolution to preserve the 2016 Platform, but not before making some statements about the Obama-Biden administration and the state of our media...

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Here you will find links to the Chittenden County and Vermont State GOP, the role of Justice of the Peace and how you can apply.