Vermont Values

There's plenty to disagree on, but we can agree that Vermonter's believe in "live & let live" as reflected in our National & State constitutions.  Our nation's strength stems from freedoms and responsibilities, not by tirades of wrath.  Hate indeed has no place here, and the hypocritical philosophy of acceptable hate for acceptable causes exhausts us.  We will listen, learn, and honor your viewpoint at all times.  We will agree often, but when we disagree, We will respect you, and attempt to find common ground wherever possible.


Vermonter's continually struggle under excessive regulation.  Whether an automatic gas hike due to policy failure or an ill-fated attempt to raise the cost of home heating, Montpelier is out of touch with the needs of the State.  We must advocate to loosen restrictive regulation, reduce taxes, and lower fees to help businesses thrive and encourage homeownership - keeping our air, water, and environment in the forefront.  Essex Republican's do not support attempts to raise heating fuel prices and gas/diesel taxes, but will support alternative technology where feasible.


 Our educators and staff truly care for students and want the very best for their future.  Our concern focuses on the bureaucratic need for growth driving up education costs and encroaching on parental roles & responsibilities.  We support legislation that lifts families and support ways to help children and families needing assistance.

New Districts

Recently, the State of Vermont re-districted, changing the layout of representation for the Town of Essex.  Click here to see

A digest of voting records as assembled by the Ethan Allen Institute for Chittenden County EAI highlights the bill, it's impacts, and how our elected officials voted on legislation.