We are out to change the perception of what it means to be "Republican"

Archie was right! The News is not objective. But it will take more than sticking our tongues out at the television to fix it.

If you have called yourself a "Republican", you have probably been the target of a lot of derision and name calling. Our perspective on issues is never given a fair shake in the media. We think it's time to turn that around. How? By networking. But the first step in networking is having something effective to communicate. And that's why we have started our Messaging project.

We believe that Republican principles are universal.

What we have failed to do is demonstrate it. While the left calls our traditional values, "radical", we need to show average voters why and how those values are important to all of us.

We are constantly bombarded with negative messages from media and politicians. The Essex Republicans are actively working out ways to reverse that trend and to reach out to our community.

Want to help?

Your participation is easy. If there is an issue you think deserves voicing from a conservative perspective, simply send a short message to our special email address for the Messaging Committee: Keep it short. No need for exhaustive research or a long dissertation. Just use the common sense we all feel is missing from our political discourse these days. Brevity is the soul of whit!

If you LIKE to do research and write articles, we can use your help too! Send us a note and we'll get you connected. But here we are presenting a picture of a lot of brief messages to reach a lot of people.

Give it a try. We'll be sure to tell you how your message has been deployed.