Essex Voting Districts

House Districts

In 2022  the Legislature was required by law to reapportion voting districts based on the 2020 Census.  There have been some some significant changes for Essex.  

Our rural Essex House district no longer includes Westford.  Chittenden-24 has moved Southward slightly--from Weed Road, down to Route 15.  It also includes a slice of town East of Sandhill Road and a small segment along the River Road (Route 117).

The Village district (Chittenden-22) most closely equates to the old Chittenden 8-2 district.  But the Northern border no longer aligns with the Village (or now city) of Essex Junction.  Instead, it cuts up Fairview, around Hawthorn Circle, and still includes Countryside.  On the Northwest side of Essex, it cuts into the Village again at the Pearl Street Park, between Warner Ave and West Street Extension. 

District Chittenden-23 is everything in between Chittenden-22 and Chittenden-24; and that is precisely how the legislation, H.722 describes it.  (See page 33.)  It most closely resembles the old Chittenden 8-1 district.  

These House districts are described in detail in House Bill H.722 starting on Page 28.

Previous Voting Districts

We are leaving this outdated voting district information on our web site for easy comparison to the new districts.  

Old Districts 8-1 and 8-2 had two representatives to the Vermont House.  District 8-3 had only one representative, and included the town of Westford.

Here is a link to the official Voting District Map on the Essex Town web site.

Senate Districts

Chittenden County

Chittenden County has been broken up into three separate districts for the Senate.  Essex has been broken into two of these three Senate districts:  Chittenden North and Chittenden CentralChittenden North includes rural Essex, and looks to be the same Southern boundary as House District Chittenden-24.

Chittenden Central includes the remainder of Essex, Winooski, South Burlington and Burlington.  Also included is part of Colchester around Fort Ethan Allen.

Notice that most of Colchester has been grouped into the Grand Isle County Senate district.