Warning: This letter is going to ask you for money.

Dear fellow Republican:

I know… everyone has their hand out for money these days—and not the least is the GOP.  I am reluctant to add the Essex Republicans to that list.  However, the campaign season is upon us. We have some fresh new candidates who are willing to run for office.  These fresh new candidates, frankly, hardly know what they are getting into. If there is one thing I have learned in my time as chair of the Essex Republicans, it is that running for office takes a REAL commitment in both time and money.

I have been actively working with candidates across the County to help guide them through their campaign. Candidates need to print palm cards, post cards, send mailings, and print road signs. Most of that needs to happen in the early stages of the campaign. Our opposition has driven the price of campaigning even for local offices up to several thousand dollars.  

All of our candidates are keenly aware that there are too many people and organizations looking for contributions and most of the candidates are reluctant to do so themselves. Many have already committed significant funds of their own to their campaign.

So, how can I ask candidates to fundraise, when I am reluctant to do so myself?  And so, here I am, figuratively, putting my money where my mouth is.

I trust that if you are on our email list, you already have a sense of the commitment I have made personally to our local and county Republican committees and our candidates. I have lived a frugal life and do not take lightly asking people to give their hard-earned money to someone they may not know, for the sake of running for political office. I can say, first-hand, that every one of our candidates is taking this role very seriously.  We are living in serious times, and this Party NEEDS to present a reasonable alternative to the madness that has been dictated by Democrats and Progressives.

So, I humbly ask...

If you can help us to help our candidates,

please consider a donation to the Essex Republicans.

You can easily do so by clicking on the "Donate" button below.

Alternatively, you can contribute directly to our candidates.  Please visit their web sites listed on our "candidates" page.

Thank you for your consideration and your commitment.

Ron Lawrence

Essex Republicans Town Committee Chair,